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My Treatments


FLO Infusions offers a multitude of drips. If you want help deciding what drip is meant for you, feel free to ask by submitting a message or messaging Flo Infusions on Facebook or Instagram (@flo_infusions)!

Don't forget your add-ons! Vitamin Shots are a great way to add an extra boost to any drip you receive or just a regular injection! To learn more about Vitamin Shots.

You can schedule any of these treatments to be delivered and administered in the comfort of your own home or you can schedule to have them administered in-office. Click here for booking!

Meet Tina


Hi, I'm Tina

Let me tell you a little about myself! I have been married for 22 years. I married my husband a week after we graduated high school. We went into the Marine Corps four months later. My husband and I served four years in the Marine Corps with deployment to Iraq in 2003. After completing our enlistment we returned to Yakima and I started school. 

Together we have two amazing kids who are now both adults! Our family wouldn't be complete without our three cats: Pepper, Honey, and Koshka. 

I became an RN in 2009 and started my career at Yakima Memorial. I worked as an ER nurse for four years and then another four years as an OR nurse. I then decided to go back to school to be an advanced registered nurse practitioner while still working in the OR.


Once I graduated school, I worked for an orthopedic spine surgeon at Orthopedics Northwest. I left orthopedics in 2018 and went back to work in the ER. I then left the ER in August of 2022 and now I work full time at Yakima Valley Urgent Care! What a whirlwind.

I started my journey into IV therapy because I liked that this was a service that I could provide that could help people feel better. I also know how it feels to be sick (or the victim of a self inflicted hangover) and know that sometimes all you need are some fluids and medication to get you back on your feet rather than making a trip to the ER for something that is not an Emergency.


Our healthcare system is overwhelmed right now and I don’t want to tax an overwhelmed system (I am also on a mission to pay off my student loans). 

I am a firm believer that sunshine, exercise, good food and good friends are the best form of medicine. 

IV Information


  1. Boosts Energy

  2. Helps with Age Management

  3. Reduces Symptoms of Migraines

  4. Helps to Prevent Illness

  5. Minimizes Anxiety

  6. Improves Athletic Performance

  7. Helps Reverse Symptoms of Hangovers

  8. Promotes Weight Loss



​IVs aren't just administered in hospitals or doctor's offices anymore. Now, it’s being used more commonly for people striving for improved health. Whether that be avoiding the next flu virus or simply to have more energy throughout the day. IV Therapy can even be used to minimize PMS symptoms, hangover symptoms, and help avoid catching the common flu/cold. In a perfect world, we’d all drink enough water and ingest all the vitamins/nutrients our body needs daily. However, that’s not always attainable. People can now depend on a solution that can help complement a good diet and proper hydration for living our healthiest lives.

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